From data centers, water purification systems to energy storage, shipping container applications are INNUMERABLE.

Shipping containers were invented to move merchandise from one port to the other without damaging the goods inside them. Using shipping containers as equipment enclosures is a very smart way to leverage the incredibly tough frame and shell to move a machine or a system closer to a production site for a temporary or permanent project without wasting time on the road. You cannot count the type of uses you get from shipping containers. Take a look at the list below:

Containerized HVAC Module:

HVAC Air Conditioning Modules are primarily used in harsher climates or for specific applications when climate control is of the utmost importance.

Full set air conditioning units are installed inside an ISO shipping container to achieve modularity and convenience for movement and transportation.

The installation of the air conditioning units and commission are completed in our facility, which means the project only need to connect related ports and power supply to start.

Containerized Control Unit:

Portable and cost-effective, containerized control units are a great alternative to constructing on-site control unit housings. The control unit container is pre-fitted and ready to operate in any environment. The containerized control unit can be outfitted with forced ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration so that equipment can safely run in extreme temperatures. The units are fully and easy to transport and due to their robust steel construction can keep valuable equipment safe and secure.

Electrical Transformer Container Housing:

This flexible and convenient format offers an important channel by which unnecessary costs can be saved through the use and re-use of a prepared shipping container electrical transformer housing. The units can be customized to specific client requirements during manufacture. Get in touch with us here to learn more.

Containerized Enclosure

Containerized data center US

Containerized Data Centers:

Mobile containerized data processing center or containerized data processing center is a data processing center located inside an ISO Shipping container with a complex of information, telecommunication, and engineering infrastructure, connected with communication channels and used for data storage and processing, as well as rendering of a range of services in a designated segment of the network. Usually, equipment racks are located inside standard 20 or 40 feet ISO containers. Containerized data centers have their advantages, due to a possibility of their transportation by trucks or railroad. They can be placed near existing facilities, using the same backup generator and water supply source.

Containerized High Capacity Energy-Storage:

Recently Mitsubishi delivered the world’s largest energy-storage system using shipping containers to store its high capacity batteries. The facility offers energy-storage capabilities similar to those of pumped hydro facilities while helping to improve the balance of supply and demand when renewable energy sources are used.

Containerized battery storage

Mobile Waste Water & Reverse Osmosis Containers:

Wastewater mobile containers are designed for wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, and for air treatment and industrial water treatment for different fields of application such as for industry (food industry), for remote communities without access to the municipal sewage system, but also to improve in existing treatment plants.

Furthermore, in asylum centers where you have to expect with increased amounts of wastewater in short terms. In addition, modular container treatment plants are adapted to offer different solutions in the tourism industry and in the campaign mode.