We are beyond excited to be part of the first office complex made out entirely out of shipping containers. This is the first of its kind in the United States. The office complex was built using a combination of 20ft and 40ft shipping containers a total of 26 shipping containers. 

…increase footprint while setting a new standard for temporary office accommodation

Many of our clients say that that they looked at several options but settled on shipping containers due to their modular design and adaptability. The fact that these structures were built off-site was a real advantage as it does not disrupt normal operations clients. The real advantages of using containers are flexibility and keeping construction time to a minimum.

This project came with its challenges for sure but here at ContekPro we don’t shy out of new challenges. The containerized solution allows clients all over the country to increase their footprint while setting a new standard for temporary office accommodation. While the office complex appears permanent, it is very portable and can be relocated to a new site and operational within a short amount of time.

This project is a great example of the types of Worksite Solutions that can be built from Shipping Containers. Our modified containers are robust and secure and can be designed to meet your specific needs, so if you require a container please call us on (866)-620-8424 or send request info here.


Shipping container kitchens

Shipping container kitchen

When you need to expand your kitchen operation on a short notice or a limited budget your choices are limited. Luckily we can help, ContekPro manufactures shipping container kitchens for clients in various industries around the world. Our kitchens are the real deal. Our 20ft kitchen container can easily cater 400 meals per day.

Commercial kitchen container

“You can’t tell you are inside a shipping container. This is better than most of the kitchens I worked in”  – Chef Andy

It offers space for 2-3 chefs to work comfortably without bumping elbows. A 40ft kitchen can be used for serious catering operations to make 700-800 meals a day. ContekPro’s kitchen containers are great for remote job site operations needing commercial kitchens to cater to a large work crew, disaster relief or kitchen expansion.

Kitchen container dishwashing unit

Our top of the line shipping container kitchens are custom built to your exact specifications. Our team can work with you to design and built your kitchen and up to your local code.

Give us a call or email us here and let us help you build a kitchen that works for you.


Decontamination Shower Container

We just started a big project which consists of 2 x portable restroom containers and 2 x decontamination shower stations for a big petrochemical company. The Decontamination Stations will include dirty rooms and clean rooms separated using an isolation zone, air filtration, and controlled air systems that pull air in through the clean room and out through the dirty room.



Typically used at industrial sites like power plants, chemical facilities, refineries, and industrial construction projects these portable containerized decontamination showers are offered in both 20′ and 40′ models. They are built to withstand the wear and tear of industrial construction and remediation settings, these portable decontamination showers have proven themselves to be a valuable piece of decontamination equipment for your abatement group across the

With its heavy duty construction, and quick connects for water, waste water, and electric the Decontamination Station is the most dependable portable decontamination shower on the market.

We will keep progress pictures coming for you.

More information on Contekpro’s the Decontamination Station and all of our portable containerized products can be found by CONTACTING US HERE or calling toll free at (866)-620-8424

Goodbye Porta potties – Hello Restroom Containers

We have just finished a custom 30’ restroom container for a brewery in California. Business is growing fast, so the client needs to expand their restroom facilities to accommodate more customers. Porta potties are out of the question for this type of business so the client asked us to design and build a custom 30ft restroom container. Not sure if you can tell from our old blogs but here in ContekPro we are very averse to porta potties. We find them distasteful and absolutely… what’s the word… disgusting. They smell bad, they’re very hard to service and they strip us of all human decency.

Shipping container restroom

At ContekPro we worked on designing and building a solution that brings the comfort and luxury of home restrooms to your job site or your business. Our restroom shipping containers provide all the luxuries of home with features that include flushing toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors, linoleum floors, and are equipped with A/C, heat and ventilation as standard features.

No terrible smells in the summer. No frozen behinds in the winter


Our restroom containers are great for concerts, festivals, state fairs, sporting events, construction projects, mining sites, logging and anywhere else temporary or permanent facilities are needed. We’ve designed these restroom containers to come pre-plumbed and ready to operate.

All you need to do is connect the drain pipe, fresh water, and the electrical plug.

No maintenance needed, no high costs of servicing

Commercial grade fixtures


ContekPro’s restroom containers are 100% customizable. You can choose from our large selection of standard layouts, or request a custom restroom container specific to your needs. We can outfit your restroom container with showers, fresh water tanks, gray water tanks or any other specification. The interior can also be finished to your standards.

Very tough and easy to deploy

30ft restroom container

100% customizable inside and out


Do you need a restroom container for your business or employees? Give us a call!


Containerized Fuel Storage Tank


This containerized fuel storage tank is composed of an ISO container, divided into two main compartments, compartment for tanks and compartment for dispenser and housing for the generator. Depending on the required fuel depot capacity, the storage tanks can be adapted for in-parallel, standalone and / or skid-mounted configuration.



This particular 20ft containerized fuel tank has a capacity of 2600 gal storage tank, 106 gal/min unloading pump suitable to discharge fuel from a road tanker plus a heavy duty fuel dispenser. The typical configuration includes a 10 kVA diesel gen set located in a separate compartment at the container rear, where the main control panel is also fitted. In case the power supply is provided from the local network and the gen set removed, the tank storage capacity can be increased up to 4950 gal.



Give us a call now at 866-620-8424 or send us an email here if you have questions about our containerized HAZMAT storage units.

Pesticides Storage Container

Storing pesticides can be dangerous if the right precautions are not taken. No matter the amount of pesticides you are storing, ContekPro got you covered with our Dangerous goods storage containers.  they come in 10ft, 20ft, 40ft ISO containers. They are easy to transport and deploy.

100% custom made here in the US!

Choose from a long list of options and accessories. We will work with you build the Dangerous goods Storage that works for your business.

Containerized Hazmat Storage


40 foot Hazardous goods storage container

ContekPro modifies shipping containers into a wide range of structures for customers in various industries. We recently finished 2 x 40ft Hazmat Storage Containers for a client. These Hazmat storage or dangerous goods storage containers can be built using 10ft, 20ft or 40ft shipping containers. This unique design allows for 27 x 55-gallon drum capacity inside a 20ft container and 100 drums for 40ft container. Easily movable with a forklift and trailer from one job site to the other.

40 foot Hazardous goods storage container 40 foot Hazardous goods storage container







Safely transport and store a range of hazardous goods, including gas cylinders, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizing agents, organic peroxides, toxic substances, corrosive substance as well as a range of miscellaneous dangerous goods. Our Hazmat storage containers are not only suited to store dangerous goods, but also non-hazardous materials where there are possible risks with spillage.

40 foot Hazardous goods storage container


The floor is constructed of galvanized grating allowing spills to fall into sump pit below. We install removable sections down centering allowing for sump pit cleaning. The sump pit is continuously welded around the perimeter and is coated for chemical resistance. A valve permits draining the sump tank if needed.

40 foot Hazardous goods storage container


Our containerized Hazmat Storage containers adhere to OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Give us a call now or send us an email here if you have questions about our containerized HAZMAT storage units.

Containerized Kitchen Container

If you are in need of a temporary kitchen somewhere remote or local, or if you are looking for a permanent kitchen quickly and within a certain budget, look no further. At ContekPro we can build for you a containerized Kitchen ready to deploy and use within the hour.

Our kitchen containers are ideal for a custom design & construct a modular solution to suit your requirements and specifications. No access to water or utilities? no problem. ContekPro can outfit your kitchen with the right equipment to make your portable kitchen completely off-grid without diminishing the number of plates you can serve to your clients or employees.


Our kitchen containers are building code compliant kitchens. They are an alternative to traditional building methods, and come fully equipped with all equipment, and can be joined together to make any sized facility. Add a lunch room, dishwashing station, laundry, storage, cold storage or any other space needed.

They can be used in many industries: Camp accommodations and camp services, remote site operations, and professional catering equipment, modular portable buildings, construction industry, defense / Military, government, mining, oil & gas, power generation, catering and special events, logging & forestry, large construction sites and many others.

Give us a call now at 866-620-8424 or send us an email here if you have questions about our containerized kitchen storage units.

Custom Trade Show Booths For Your Next Exhibition

Make your stand easily identifiable and unforgettable with a shipping container trade show booth.

All of our shipping container trade show booths are completely customizable, giving you the opportunity to make your booth an unforgettable landmark at every trade show you attend.

 Trade Show Booth Shipping container Intel

This trendy and urban modular structure allows you to utilize indoor and outdoor spaces, has intractability and additional furnishings. It also helps you attract attention – increasing visitor numbers – and invite shoppers to proceed through the space easily with 360 degree access.

If you don’t think one shipping container will meet your needs, we’ll stack and connect multiple containers to create the size space you’re looking for.

Add dynamic branding on your shipping container trade show booth’s exterior and not only will it make you more visible at trade shows, it will also draw attention to your brand during transportation. You’ll generate high media visibility even while you’re on the road.

Trade Show Booth Shipping container Intel
Your shipping container trade show booth comes fully equipped for WiFi, RFID, A/V, LEDs, broadcasting, touch-screens and more. Take your customer’s experience a step further with iPad stands and POP displays.

Our shipping container show booths are designed for safety, easy setup, effortless handling and reduced costs. You and your staffers can easily open and close the booth using hydraulics, eliminating the need for extra manpower. 


Keep your merchandise safe while you’re away with our containers’ solid steel construction and lockable doors. You’ll save a great deal of time by being able to lock your equipment and samples up and in turn eliminating the need to remove them from the site when the show closes for the evening.


Plus, for companies who are conscious of their environmental footprint, our environmentally friendly shipping containers are made from a wide variety of recycled and eco-friendly materials, not only making them appealing to our clients, but their customers as well. 

Our standard shipping container trade show booths not only save you money, they give your customers an experience they won’t soon forget and with an array of customizations available, their experience will also be completely unique.

Contact us today for more information.