If you are in need of a temporary kitchen somewhere remote or local, or if you are looking for a permanent kitchen quickly and within a certain budget, look no further. At ContekPro we can build for you a containerized Kitchen ready to deploy and use within the hour.

Our kitchen containers are ideal for a custom design & construct a modular solution to suit your requirements and specifications. No access to water or utilities? no problem. ContekPro can outfit your kitchen with the right equipment to make your portable kitchen completely off-grid without diminishing the number of plates you can serve to your clients or employees.


Our kitchen containers are building code compliant kitchens. They are an alternative to traditional building methods, and come fully equipped with all equipment, and can be joined together to make any sized facility. Add a lunch room, dishwashing station, laundry, storage, cold storage or any other space needed.

They can be used in many industries: Camp accommodations and camp services, remote site operations, and professional catering equipment, modular portable buildings, construction industry, defense / Military, government, mining, oil & gas, power generation, catering and special events, logging & forestry, large construction sites and many others.

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Make your stand easily identifiable and unforgettable with a shipping container trade show booth.

All of our shipping container trade show booths are completely customizable, giving you the opportunity to make your booth an unforgettable landmark at every trade show you attend.

 Trade Show Booth Shipping container Intel

This trendy and urban modular structure allows you to utilize indoor and outdoor spaces, has intractability and additional furnishings. It also helps you attract attention – increasing visitor numbers – and invite shoppers to proceed through the space easily with 360 degree access.

If you don’t think one shipping container will meet your needs, we’ll stack and connect multiple containers to create the size space you’re looking for.

Add dynamic branding on your shipping container trade show booth’s exterior and not only will it make you more visible at trade shows, it will also draw attention to your brand during transportation. You’ll generate high media visibility even while you’re on the road.

Trade Show Booth Shipping container Intel
Your shipping container trade show booth comes fully equipped for WiFi, RFID, A/V, LEDs, broadcasting, touch-screens and more. Take your customer’s experience a step further with iPad stands and POP displays.

Our shipping container show booths are designed for safety, easy setup, effortless handling and reduced costs. You and your staffers can easily open and close the booth using hydraulics, eliminating the need for extra manpower. 


Keep your merchandise safe while you’re away with our containers’ solid steel construction and lockable doors. You’ll save a great deal of time by being able to lock your equipment and samples up and in turn eliminating the need to remove them from the site when the show closes for the evening.


Plus, for companies who are conscious of their environmental footprint, our environmentally friendly shipping containers are made from a wide variety of recycled and eco-friendly materials, not only making them appealing to our clients, but their customers as well. 

Our standard shipping container trade show booths not only save you money, they give your customers an experience they won’t soon forget and with an array of customizations available, their experience will also be completely unique.

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Are you looking for a high-security portable office container that is both durable and fully-functional? Space restrictions can often present difficult challenges for additional office space, making our top-of-the-line mobile office containers are a great option.

The ability to drop prefabricated units directly on the ground provides a perfect solution for maximizing your work environment no matter where work takes you. Plus, our units are customizable, made to your specifications and come with an estimated lead time of just 5 days.

Customize your portable office container to meet your every need. Our units come standard with many upgrade and customization options. Add a bathroom, shower, divisions, etc. Need more space? We can create standalone units, or combine them to expand your square footage. Our in-house manufacturing allows us to make sure your every need is met.

Each standard portable office container comes with electric heating and cooling, two 48″ fluorescent ceiling lights, an exterior T3 helix porch lamp, 75 amp subpanel, 120/240 volt, single phase, exterior phone/data access, three phone jacks and three data jacks, an interior panel box, MC cable wiring and AC thru wall unit.

External 14-gauge corrugated walls and 4″ thick – R-13 insulation offer exceptional thermal and sound control performance. We can also bump up the R-value depending on the final destination of the office container. For offices located on mining, farming, construction, drilling or any other loud job sites, these high-quality features are a must.

R-30 roofing insulation offers equally as impressive performance, keeping your portable office container cool during the summer months and warm in the winter by helping your AC wall unit control the office’s temperature without being taxed in extreme weather.

Low E windows keep your portable office naturally lit without significantly increasing your energy bill. If you’re worried about break-ins we offer optional exterior security bars. 

We also understand the importance of keeping your paperwork and any other valuables in your office safe, behind lock and key. Our durable 36″x80″ steel door with cylinder lock ensures that your mobile office is secured when you’re away.

These features, along with countless customizations, help solve all your office needs. Contact us today for a quote!

Portable farm container micro greens


Adversity is a sure way to push humans to innovate and think outside the box. One farmer in California found the solution for his problem “inside the box”. Mario found a way to feed his 500 sheep and produce super high quality milk for cheese despite the severe drought that’s plaguing the state of California. Portable farm containerHe grows sprouted barley indoors in 20ft shipping containers modified into portable farms. This isn’t a new trick in the farming industry, shipping containers have been used to grow a large variety of produce and herbs in relatively small spaces and using only 2% of water it would take to grow the crop or the produce outside. Container farms can be stacked on top of each other for even more saving.

There are dozens of ways to use shipping containers in the farming industry, here at ContekPro we can help you design and build tailored solutions that work for you. We retrofit any size shipping container with insulation, electrical, plumbing, hydroponics, doors & windows HVAC systems and many other features to help you have complete control of your growing environment.


Give us a call now to discuss your project and we will be happy to answer your questions.

portable restroom container with partitionsWe were approached by a large client in need of very urgent portable toilet facilities for a construction site. Our team worked extremely hard to get every detail right to meet the tight deadline mandated by the client.

We modified 4 shipping containers in a little less than 3 weeks including the first contact with the client. The portable restroom containers offer full-size toilets facilities with all the luxury of conventional restrooms.

This specific design has 4 commercial grade elongated toilets with 1.6 Gal assist flush tanks (great for saving water), 3 urinals with manual flush and 2 sink, AC/heat units, 75 amp electrical panel2.

Full size toilet facility on the go!

The commercial grade toilet partitions offer the privacy needed and are easy to maintain and clean. The walls and floors are waterproof and easy to clean as well.

portable restroom container: Commercial grade sinks

The units come fully operational and ready to hook up to the water and sewage line. If you do not have access to the grid, we can also build off the grid full-size toilet facilities that comes with fresh water tanks, holding tanks. They are great for remote job sites or farming operations.

Durable and economical:

ContekPro’s portable restroom containers are very affordable and make total economical sense. Contrary to restroom trailers, our toilet containers are extremely durable and would last years of hard use and abuse that comes with the harsh world of mining, construction, drilling etc…



Once you are done with a project, load the container on a truck and ship it to the next project. No porta pottys, no smell, no need to schedule vacuum cleaning and no $$ flying out of your pocket.


Easy to clean slip resistant floors


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Full-size toilets with pressure assist tanks to save water in a portable restroom container

portable restroom container: easy sewage hook up

Urinals setup in portable restroom container

Extremely durable and transportable portable restroom container