ContekPro wants to share with you pictures of an amazing project we delivered back in February 2017. The client contacted us to design and build an office solution to be placed in a shipyard. We came up with a simple solution to place 3 x 40′ containers together to create 900 sqft of space, enough space for two offices, one large conference room and one restroom. The structure could potentially make its way in the future to sit on top of a large barge.

The result? take a look! We kept the simple and rugged look of the containers in the outside but we built the inside to be cozy and at the same time offer a professional environment to receive potential clients. Something that the client couldn’t do before due to space restriction inside their old trailer office.


  900 sqft of space

Shipping container office

Shipping container office

Solid, transportable and blends in the environment

Shipping container office side view

Shipping container office side view

The conference room:

Shipping container office interior conference room

Office #1

Shipping container office office 1

Office #2

Shipping container office office 2



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