ContekPro’s Containerized Battery Storage units offer modular and standardized packaging for which planning and installation can be significantly reduced. Instantly deployable to any location, the container can be loaded on to a truck and easily transported to rural as well as urban locations.

Shipping container battery storage


Our electricity consumption pattern is changing and is becoming less predictable as we use more electronic devices and electrify our transport system. The way we generate electricity is also changing as we add more low carbon sources from wind and solar to the grid. These changes mean that the way we balance and operate the grid, also need to adapt to become more agile and flexible. The combination of storage and renewable energy means we can now deliver infrastructure that enhances grid operations and ultimately delivers much better value for us as consumers.


Containerized battery storage

Containerized battery storage is a viable solution for many industries. For example, the portability of the ISO container allows for a variety of installation opportunities in ships where insufficient room below deck may be an issue or for increased flexibility to add-on additional capacity on an as-needed basis, Other uses include shore power and mobile port energy.

Containerized battery storage

Here at ContekPro we collaborate with industry specialists to design and build custom containerized battery storage units with ancillary equipment:

  • Fire suppression
  • Metal fabrication
  • Insulation, interior and exterior finish
  • HVAC
  • Intrusion control
  • Power and control cables
  • Other
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