Turnkey Prefabricated Ghost Kitchen

Revolutionize your ghost kitchen business with our prefabricated kitchens - an economical, quick-to-rollout, and scalable alternative for traditional construction.
    prefabricated ghost kitchen interior


    Slash startup costs

    Reduce costs by up to 20% with our smartly-designed prefabricated commercial kitchens, offering cost-efficiency from the outset.

    time saving

    Your ghost kitchen business can be up and running in a few weeks only , as opposed to 6-12 months with traditional construction, ensuring a faster return on investment.
    prefabricated ghost kitchen

    Easy launch

    Shave off weeks from your timetable with our prefabricated commercial kitchens - delivered pre-assembled and equipped and ready for immediate connection to utilities.

    sclability & flexibility

    From individual to shared ghost kitchens, discover our exhaustive set of ghost kitchen floor plans.

    case studies

    prefabricated ghost kitchen

    Individual ghost kitchen

    The need

    A rapidly expanding ghost kitchen provider faced an urgent need to deploy multiple small footprint individual kitchens in a parking lot. The units were going to be progressively deployed across multiple locations, with the necessity for a standardized design that would facilitate food delivery operations efficiently.

    The solution

    ContekPro rose to the challenge by delivering numerous small footprint kitchens with flexible layouts and floor plans. These strategically designed spaces cater to any menu requirements, optimized for a seamless food delivery service. With our prefabricated solutions, the client was able to swiftly and progressively deploy the units in the parking lot, ramp up their operations and fulfill their urgent requirements with efficiency and precision.
    prefabricated ghost kitchen

    Shared ghost kitchen

    prefabricated ghost kitchen

    The need

    A ghost kitchen provider sought a large footprint shared kitchen space design to accommodate multiple virtual brands. The critical requirement was large storage capacity, including extensive dry storage and refrigeration space.

    The solution

    ContekPro expertly designed and manufactured a large-scale shared ghost kitchen ticking all these boxes. Designed with a spacious walk-in cooler and freezer accessible from inside the kitchen, the layout met the high-demand storage requirements. Moreover, the floor plan smartly optimized staff workflow and ensured full compliance with kitchen regulations, offering an effective solution tailored to the provider's needs.
    prefabricated ghost kitchen


    Need help? We are here. Modular prefabricated kitchens are all we do, and it’s who we are. We have a passion for modularity, quality commercial kitchens, and we work hard to help you be your best.
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