Modular commercial kitchens for the hospitality sector

From resorts to country club, we offer hospitality businesses a high quality turnkey alternative to brick and mortar commercial kitchens that save time, and money while minimizing  on-site disruption.
    modular commercial kitchen


    Up to 50% Faster to launch

    Deploy your modular commercial kitchen in a matter of weeks rather than months, as lead time is reduced by up to 50% compared to traditional construction.

    up to 20% cost savings

    Choosing a modular commercial kitchen for your resort or hotel can lead to substantial cost savings of to significant savings of up to 20% compared to traditional construction, especially in remote locations.
    modular commercial kitchen

    streamlined deployment

    ContekPro has designd a smooth and efficient process that makes the deployment of our modular commercial kitchens smooth and hassle-free.

    reduced on-site disruption

    Our modular commercial kitchens are delivered turnkey and ready to use which minimizes the on-site disruption for your operations.

    case studies

    modular commercial kitchen interior

    Country club

    The need

    A Florida country club needed to replace an outdated commercial kitchen before the start of the busy season. Building a brick and mortar kitchen in their location was going to be expensive and very complex.

    The solution

    ContekPro designed and manufactured a 1920 sqft modular kitchen complex embedding a hot kitchen, laundry area and dishwashing section. The unit was delivered within 12 weeks right before the start of the busy season.
    modular commercial kitchen

    beach resort

    modular commercial kitchen Caribbean

    The need

    A hospitality development company built a luxury resort on a private island in the USVI. They needed a large footprint kitchen to feed their guests. Building a commercial kitchen in a remote Caribbean island is both very complex and expensive.

    The solution

    ContekPro delivered a 640 SQFT modular kitchen that was shipped by boat to the island. Choosing a modular commercial kitchen saved the client a substantial amount of money compared to traditional construction.
    modular commercial kitchen Caribbean


    Need help? We are here. Modular prefabricated kitchens are all we do, and it’s who we are. We have a passion for modularity, quality commercial kitchens, and we work hard to help you be your best.
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