• Blast Resistant Buildings

Blast Resistant Buildings

Provide the necessary protection to both your team and equipment

ContekPro designs and manufactures blast resistant buildings constructed to protect your team against explosion, fire, toxic materials, ballistic impact, natural disasters. Depending on your company’s needs, ContekPro is equipped and ready to provide you with a permanent or temporary application anywhere in the world.

ContekPro’s Blast Resistant Buildings offer excellent protection for your teams and equipment in blast zones. We provide standard and custom Blast Resistant offices, lunchrooms, restrooms, break-rooms that are PE Certified 1.5 PSI to 8 PSI Over Pressure Rating. You can choose from our standard blast resistant offices or we can custom build one to your specific needs.


  • ​Offices
  • Labs
  • Lavatories
  • Guard booths
  • Remote instrument enclosures
  • Control rooms
  • Operator shelters
  • Zone shops

For Protection from:

  • Gas & Vapor Explosions (VCE)
  • Forced Entry/Ballistics
  • Harsh Environments
  • Natural Disasters