Blast Resistant Containers


Blast Resistant Containers

ContekPro offers an extensive range of blast resistant containers that are cost effective and provide complete flexibility. The containerized blast resistant units enhance worker safety within hazardous environments. These buildings provide a safe zone for employees and equipment within the process areas in the event of leaked vapor ignition.

The blast resistant shipping containers have several general uses on site including switch rooms, operator shelters, office blocks, sanitation facilities, security posts, change and locker rooms, kitchens, meeting rooms, document control rooms and other options.


ContekPro blast resistant shipping containers are available as standard 20ft and 40ft units and can be joined together to form larger modules. This application is ideal for workplaces requiring large office blocks, cribs and ablutions.

Our blast resistant containers are fitted with a split system or ducted air conditioning. They have integrated ventilation shut down systems with an optional gas detection system. They also have the option of manual, security controlled or fully automated door system to ensure the appropriate solution for the sites needs.






Our ability to meet the highest safety and environmental standards across all our key sectors while, at the same time, being flexible enough to create bespoke solutions to challenging problems are the qualities which have made us an industry leader. We’ll work closely with you to understand the onsite issues you face and create a high-quality blast resistant shipping container which fully meets your needs.

Having designed and built the right solution for you, we’ll deliver and install our unit to meet your business deadlines.

Blast Resistant Building


We design and manufacture our blast resistant buildings to address the needs of clients across a wide range of business sectors.

Designed to industry leading specification and fully compliant with US and international safety standards, our blast resistant containers are tailored to meet your specific needs, offering strength, security and adaptability and the capability to withstand the particular challenges which your working environment presents. Our extensive experience means we have the expertise and design skills to create a solution which fits with your measurements and meets all your key industry standards. Ensuring optimum safety levels for your people, our manufacturing team are also committed to delivering units which provide a comfortable, efficient and productive environment.

Our clients trust us because we deliver robust, high-quality blast resistant units which meet their safety needs and give them confidence that they can look forward to the continuity of their operations.