Our hazmat storage containers can be customized for the storage of flammable, combustible and corrosive material. These containerized hazmat storage containers are designed to hold hazardous chemicals and contain any spillages in the container to ensure that it does not adversely affect the user, the business or the environment.

ContekPro’s hazmat storage containers are lockable, ventilated and bunded, making them perfect for storing hazardous liquids like paint, thinners, oils, diesel, and liquid chemicals, as well as solid materials such as car parts, waste, and other dangerous goods.

40 foot Hazardous goods storage container


Custom built to meet your exact requirements

Our containerized hazmat storage units are equipped with safety drain valves, ventilation grills at both the floor and ceiling levels and large containment tanks. In addition to the safe storage and transportation of hazardous goods, our containers are also a great option for any non-hazardous cargo where spills and leakage is not a risk.


Hazmat storage containers manufactured for complete safety and peace of mind

Our Hazmat storage containers are available in 10ft,  20ft, 40ft sizes and are designed to ensure maximum safety to you, your workers, and the general public. 

4-hour, 2-hour rated or non-fire rated hazmat storage

Safely transport and store a range of hazardous goods, including gas cylinders, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizing agents, organic peroxides, toxic substances, corrosive substance as well as a range of miscellaneous dangerous goods. Our Hazmat storage containers are not only suited to store dangerous goods, but also non-hazardous materials where there are possible risks with spillage.

If you’d like to learn more about our dangerous goods containers, our trained team are qualified and happy to help. Take a look at how our hazmat storage shipping containers can be used in the agricultural industry to store pesticides.