Portable Kitchen Container

Instant Full Size Kitchen Solution

ContekPro’s Portable Kitchen Containers are customized for your business and specific needs and delivered, turn-key.

Our modern, building code compliant kitchens are an alternative to traditional building methods, and come fully equipped with all equipment, and can be joined together to make any sized facility.

Our modular solutions are particularly suited to sites that have no kitchen facilities or are looking to upgrade or extend the footprint of current facilities.


  • Trade fairs
  • Food and wine expos
  • Corporate events
  • Music festivals
  • Emergency services
  • Film and TV productions
  • Product launches
  • Exhibitions


  • Full HVAC (Air conditioning & exhaust hood system)
  • Gas instant hot water system
  • Separate hand wash facilities with soap & towel dispenser
  • 3 compartment sink
  • LED lighting
  • Safety exit lights
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Insulated & easy clean impervious wall lining
  • Floor waste points
  • 2 External serving windows
  • 2 access doors
Floor plans

Floor plans:

Please contact us for available floor plans



  • Stainless steel interior finish
  • Choose your kitchen equipment
  • Fresh and grey water holding tanks (different sizes)
  • Double or triple axle trailer
  • Skid mount
  • Company logo

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What equipment comes with your container kitchens?

Our container kitchens are purpose-built to suit your application. Should you require additional preparation room, a function-service plating kitchen, a ware washing room for backup during events, a replacement food facility during times of redevelopment, or a complete meal-service kitchen with storage and ware-washing facilities for mining, educational, government or event use, we can provide a real solution in a package tailored to your needs.

What is different about your kitchens to other “mobile” kitchens on the market.

Our containerized relocatable, portable style kitchens are built to real world requirements. Many products currently on the market offer “versatile” kitchen layouts on a hire basis, or purpose built kitchens – in “trailer style relocatable/demountable building” format. You can’t always throw a generic kitchen layout in a box and expect it to work. The same applies with any normal kitchen project.

Due to our unique kitchen & container sizing, we can offer full hotel style kitchens, allowing operators to achieve high output food service, similar to a purpose built fixed location kitchen, in a tough, containerized format, that’s proven not to rattle apart at the seams during repeat transport across one of the toughest landscaped work environments.

How many people can your kitchens cater for?

We design your relocatable food service operation to be tailored to your needs. We can build them in various sizes, from models built to cater as pop-up market style kitchens – offering walk up food service, to fully operational hotel style kitchens catering to 500+ patrons or even full camp projects  with multi-container fleet offering mobile high volume output food & beverage to cater for large scale events seeing tens of thousands of patrons over the course of a few days.

Of what quality are your kitchens? Do you import them from china? What equipment is specified?

We stand by our build quality and can assure it is second to none. All components used, are of the highest quality available. Kitchen equipment installed is all of USA manufacture, built with strong chassis’ and top quality components. There’s no chinese knock-offs here. We use excellent local installers, service technicians & subcontractors. We believe in building products that will do the job they were built to do, and last. The added bonus of lasting products is it can be on-sold to secondhand buyers if required.

What levels of finishes & fixtures are provided?

We are literally building the toughest kitchen possible, without breaking the bank.

Some of your containers look extensively modified and even wider in some instances. Why?

A commercial kitchen is a very intense and workflow dependent environment. Key design factors are involved in every economically operable kitchen. To reach the output levels required by many modern food & beverage operations, certain tools are required.

There are many scenarios we consider during the design phase. A standard 8ft wide container can create some compromises for kitchen layouts where workability or high volume is an issue. Only food service professionals know what is truly required to meet demands every time, and, where required, our unique ‘Wide Body’ units allow for a design that will actually perform for your business.

I’ve seen the term ‘Wide Body’ mentioned. What does this mean?

Some applications require us to extend an ISO shipping container (8ft wide) to offer more workspace. For these particular scenarios, we either extend an ISO shipping container to the width required or we build a new steel frame from scratch.

Does a wider unit not create difficulties with transportation?

Many demountable style relocatable offices, accommodation, and associated portable facility buildings are already built wider than the standard 8ft container width, but may lack in durability and longevity, particularly during repetitive transportation, compared to that of a steel shipping container. Our wide-body portable container units are about 2ft wider than an ISO container on each side, negating the need for escort vehicles and special wide-load transportation costs, and still feature standard fixing locations on top and underneath the container, ready for immediate connection to standard size trailers, site mountings, or stacking for storage.

Do your products meet Health Department  Standards guidelines?

Container modifications, plumbing & gas, mechanical ventilation, workplace health & safety, food safety & environmental waste requirements have been considered on every project. We have worked closely with engineers, consultants & government departments to achieve a real, code compliant product readily available with peace of mind for your small or large scale project.

I need a relocatable facility in a remote area. Is a steel container going to be comfortable to work in?

We factor in location, use, environmental conditions & available budget into your design. Our shipping container modules are professionally lined with insulation and are coated in a high-quality insulating exterior paint. Need air-conditioning during the afternoon preparation? No problem. Our kitchen services include Air-Conditioning as standard, are engineered to suit conditions, and over-engineered to really last! What about ventilation when cooking and running exhaust fans?Openings are also available with mesh screens for pest free and secure ventilation.

Are your products expensive?

All our container products are specialty items with focus on design details, relevant features, and quality construction. Our locally built container kitchens & facility modules are handled from start to finish by very qualified professionals. There is nothing generic here. Compared to conventional stick and brick kitchens and food trailers, our kitchens are generally 20-30% cheaper.

Do you have any secondhand alternatives?

Please contact us for information on stock levels of new & used containers.

Shipping container kitchens for Out of the ordinary situations

Available in different sizes

Portable Kitchen Container

Customized for your business and delivered, turn-key

Temporary/portable kitchen container

Easy to deploy

Shipping container kitchen

Industries We Serve:

Mining & Exploration

Kitchen requirements differ radically in the mining and exploration industry. Our kitchens work perfectly job site in the exploration, drilling, pipe laying & mining operations.  Compared to the pre-fabricated style units, the intrinsic strength of our container kitchens has allowed them to be transported all over the world.

Health & Aged Care

Renovations? Expansion? We’ve got you covered. During the upgrade or redevelopment of facilities, we understand the importance of maintaining meals & dietary requirements to patients & residents. Our cutting-edge containerized kitchens provide economic & hygiene compliant solutions on a case-specific basis. With a long history of providing full permanent food service fit-outs & facilities in health & aged care facilities, you can be sure our new re-locatable designs take your interests at heart & incorporate them in our designs & specification.

Military & Government

Assisting with purpose-built portable temporary and permanent containerized kitchen containers to suit the need, across the US & beyond. Temporary facilities for military exercises and community service are very achievable within our containerized kitchens. Couple this with the relocatable aspect and it provides an economical, flexible and performing product built in the strongest possible format available for the job.


Our Portable Kitchen Containers are ideal for remote areas, where expenditure for up to date food education equipment & infrastructure is too great for just one location. A portable container kitchen couldn’t be more suited to private enterprise cooking schools and training facilities.  Keep your infrastructure expenditure down and your business flexible with a container, and move when required!

Catering & Events

Catering for functions or events and reaching your maximum capacity? Take on larger numbers more bookings with the addition of a container-kitchen to your facility. Cooking lines and prep lines, storage cold rooms, ware-washing containers can all help to increase capabilities. Alte, natively you might want a fully integral container kitchen to operate your food service from, and catering to large or multi-day events you have the option to serve the customer directly, taking the module to site. Take the kitchen to the party!

Food Service Industry

Our Portable Kitchen Containers provide prestigious quality kitchens at only part of the normal cost. They offer a very flexible option for your hospitality operation. When building a kitchen within a commercial food outlet, a large sum of the investment goes into the infrastructure, almost all of which can’t be taken with you when you leave. Our units of lasting quality also mean you have invested in an asset that with a very high resale value that you can take with you when you move.

Disaster Relief

With a minimal amount of setup required, and by greatly reducing the chance of equipment & preparation oversights, our Portable Kitchen Container can be ready at a moments notice. Start operating sooner and more effectively than conventional methods. Food storage, cold rooms & facilities can be external , integral, or as part of a fleet, and self-powered options are available.