Portable Office Container

The pure definition of a tough office

The very design of ContekPro’s portable office container makes it the ultimate on-site office no matter where your business takes you. Secure, portable, customizable, expandable, we can deliver these containers pretty much anywhere in the world. We can place partitions inside of the container to create separate storage, add heavy duty shelving, sounds proofing, insulation etc…

We can also supply portable kitchens, locker rooms, showers, toilets, laundry rooms, construction storage units and first aid rooms. We can create standalone units, or combine multiple units to form the perfect accommodation complex for your employees.

Made 100% in USA

Easy to deploy from site to site


Tough and secure

10ft Office Container:

20ft Office Container:

20ft shipping container office

40ft Office Container with single entrance:

40ft Office Container with double office:

Various layouts to choose from:

Window Security Screens

Tough Shipping Container Office

Sliding glass doors? why not?

shipping container office

40ft Office & Storage Combo

shipping container office