shipping container restroom

Shipping Container Restrooms

Instant Full Size Restroom Solution

Our shipping container restrooms are based on collaboration with our clients, local government, roads authorities, parks agencies and manufactured in Portland OR using locally sourced components and materials. Our shipping container restrooms are refined from years in the industry as a specialist provider of containerized systems for a wide range of industries. Our shipping container restrooms have been tested in the harshest work environments and some of the most remote job sites and they benefit from years of iteration and improvement:

  • A safe, hygienic and inviting facility for patrons
  • A formal feel that ensures an enjoyable experience for employees or guests (unlike porta potties… yuk!)
  • A plug and play system that makes installing this unit a matter of hours.
  • Vandal resistant design from a building system level down to fixtures and surfaces;
  • Cost-effective operation and maintenance as cost-of-life. This considers cleaning requirements
  • Flexibility in the design to meet your site requirements such as access to fresh water, sewage, ADA requirements, exterior design to match an existing building.

Available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft


Our shipping container restrooms incorporate smart design elements such as natural and forced ventilation, commercial-grade fixtures, low cleaning requirement materials, and systems that minimize water and energy usage achieves a highly sustainable solution with a reduced carbon footprint.


These shipping container restrooms are relocatable and customizable in all areas of design such as internal and external wall finishes; floor surfaces; partitions styles, self-containment systems for remote sites, showers, lockers, and many other options.

ContekPro’s shipping container restrooms have been developed with a focus on delivering performance benefit whilst maintaining value to our clients. This is value over the full life of the assets; the principal cost of the system, the ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs and the service life duration. Where possible, we will utilize hardware that does not require specialized maintenance skills, allowing you to utilize your existing cleaning and maintenance contractors. We work with you to formulate a design that hits the benefits and value sweet-spot for your site.

Contact us here to discuss a configuration to best suit your requirements. We encourage you to challenge the performance and cost-effectiveness of portable shipping container restrooms against all competitive products.


  • Catering

  • Film production

  • Construction site

  • Emergency response

  • Sports events

  • Mining sites

  • Oil rigs

Shipping container restrooms sizes:

Available in 10ft, 20ft, 40ft

Combine showers, changing rooms or break rooms.

Let us know if you can’t see what you need!

shipping container restrooms

shipping container restroom

shipping container restroom

shipping container restroom


  • On-grid off-grid
  • Access Ramps
  • Skid mounts
  • Automatic sensor toilet flushing
  • Touch-free sensor taps, soap dispensers, and hand dryers

If you can’t see what you need here ask us!

  • Remote monitoring of usage statistics
  • Sharps Disposal
  • Recessed sanitary disposal
  • Sensor operated toilet paper dispenser
  • Baby changing table
  • Emergency lighting
  • Hearing impaired indicator
  • Movement sensor
shipping container restroom

shipping container restrooms

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