A shipping container kitchen product line for every food service provider

  • Proven floor plans for best efficiency
  • Commercial grade equipment
  • Delivered in a few weeks
  • Mobile at will
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40ft shipping container kitchen
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Key features

interior shipping container kitchen

Shipping container kitchens built to code for your health, safety and comfort

  • All our modular kitchens are equipped with AC, exhaust hoods, and fire-suppression systems.
  • Hand washing and compartment sinks are code compliant. Antibacterial floors and walls paneled with FRP and stainless steel keep kitchens sanitary

State-of-the-art kitchen equipment and appliances

  • From refrigeration to cooking, ContekPro provides kitchen equipment with efficiency that will exceed your expectations.
  • Our containerized kitchens are equipped with commercial grade equipment that will offer the best durability and robustness on the long-run.
interior shipping container kitchen
flatbed truck shipping container kitchen

Turnkey and fast to deploy containerized kitchens

  • ContekPro builds containerized kitchens off-site preventing construction delays.
  • Our kitchen shipping container product comes pre-plumbed and wired and with a single utility connection point for simple installation. No complex site preparation is required.

A mobile and relocatable shipping container kitchen

  • Made from an ISO shipping container, our kitchen containers are easy to lift with a heavy-duty forklift or crane.
  • ContekPro kitchens are transportable by truck, train, boat, or even plane, making relocation a no-brainer.
crane lifting shipping container kitchen
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Our product line

We have designed 3 product series that come in multiple proven floor plans to match your conditions, service volume, and staff flow.

Whether you’re an established restaurant or a vendor serving 10,000 people at a festival, we have a kitchen for you. Finding the floor plan and equipment for your kitchen has never been easier.

interior shipping container kitchen

Bolt series

Commercial shipping container kitchens designed for quick serve food vendors who never compromise on style or taste.

Ideal applications:

  • Wineries
  • Breweries
  • Fast-food restaurants
  • Festivals
shipping container kitchen floor plan

Precision series

Shipping container kitchens designed for elaborate menus and high volume serving

Ideal applications:

  • Hospitality
  • Commissary kitchen
  • Dark kitchen
shipping container kitchen floor plan

Vanguard series

Containerized kitchens designed for high intensity use in industrial job sites, disaster relief efforts, and the military.

Ideal applications:

  • Military
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Disaster relief
  • Remote job sites
shipping container kitchen floor plan
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Success stories

red 40ft shipping container kitchen

Launching a burger restaurant

A North Carolina entrepreneur requested a commercial code-compliant kitchen easy to install on a land lot and that she could launch operating as quickly as possible her first burger restaurant. We recommended our 40FT Bolt kitchen as the most adapted option for this context. After a few weeks only, the burger restaurant was launched and it serves today hundreds of customers every day.

food court shipping container kitchen

Replacing a golf resort’s chef kitchen

A property developer in Wyoming, planned to build an ambitious food court using ISO shipping containers. The customer eventually chose the Precision product line. ContekPro installed in a few weeks only several shipping containers that now form a food court serving pizza, burgers and Asian food for the whole town.

interior shipping container kitchen

Feeding a man camp in Africa

One of the largest construction companies approached ContekPro to supply a few containerized kitchens and catering equipment to support a man camp in Africa. The customer went for our Vanguard product line which is designed for heavy-duty and harsh work conditions such as oil rigs, mining camps and remote camps.

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