Shipping Container Kitchens

When you need to expand your kitchen operation on a short notice or a limited budget your choices are limited. Luckily we can help, ContekPro manufactures shipping container kitchens for clients in various industries around the world. Our kitchens are the real deal. Our 20ft kitchen container can easily cater 400 meals per day.

Commercial kitchen container

“You can’t tell you are inside a shipping container. This is better than most of the kitchens I worked in”  – Chef Andy

It offers space for 2-3 chefs to work comfortably without bumping elbows. A 40ft kitchen can be used for serious catering operations to make 700-800 meals a day. ContekPro’s kitchen containers are great for remote job site operations needing commercial kitchens to cater to a large work crew, disaster relief or kitchen expansion.

Kitchen container dishwashing unit

Our top of the line shipping container kitchens are custom built to your exact specifications. Our team can work with you to design and built your kitchen and up to your local code.

Give us a call or email us here and let us help you build a kitchen that works for you.