We are beyond excited to be part of the first office complex made out entirely out of shipping containers. This is the first of its kind in the United States. The office complex was built using a combination of 20ft and 40ft shipping containers a total of 26 shipping containers. 

…increase footprint while setting a new standard for temporary office accommodation

Many of our clients say that that they looked at several options but settled on shipping containers due to their modular design and adaptability. The fact that these structures were built off-site was a real advantage as it does not disrupt normal operations clients. The real advantages of using containers are flexibility and keeping construction time to a minimum.

This project came with its challenges for sure but here at ContekPro we don’t shy out of new challenges. The containerized solution allows clients all over the country to increase their footprint while setting a new standard for temporary office accommodation. While the office complex appears permanent, it is very portable and can be relocated to a new site and operational within a short amount of time.

This project is a great example of the types of Worksite Solutions that can be built from Shipping Containers. Our modified containers are robust and secure and can be designed to meet your specific needs, so if you require a container please call us on (866)-620-8424 or send request info here.