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The Leading Shipping Container Kitchen Expert

  • Delivered pre-assembled & equipped
  • Pre-designed & custom floor plans
  • Built to code
  • Made in the USA
 Shipping container kitchen in a resort

For hotels & resorts


 Shipping container kitchen in a Caribbean resort

For fast-foods


Shipping container kitchen in a food court


Speed to market and project schedule certainty

Up to 50% time saving compared to traditional construction

Deployed within weeks rather than months to speed up your launch.

Better build time certainty

We us proven repeatable manufacturing processes to maintain an accurate project schedule and budget with minimal risk of delays or overruns.
shipping container kitchen

Cost efficiency

Up to 20% cheaper than brick and mortar kitchens

Off-site manufacturing, light site preparation, easy and short installation enable substantial cost reduction, particularly in difficult to build locations.

Accelerated depreciation

Our modular kitchens may be eligible for accelerated depreciation if used as a permanent building.
shipping container kitchen

Hassle-free launch

Smooth design and ordering process

Choose from our tried-and-tested kitchen layouts and floor plans with Contekpro as your main point of contact.

Minimal on-site disruption

Our off-site manufactured kitchens are delivered pre-assembled for a fast and easy installation and minimal on-site disruption.
shipping container kitchen

Your dream commercial kitchen

Match the efficiency of a brick-and-mortar kitchen

High-quality materials, proven floor plans, and the latest kitchen appliances grant you the  same efficiency as your regular brick and mortar commercial kitchen.

Built to survive harsh work and weather conditions

Our high-quality kitchens come insulated for maximum energy-efficiency and to resist  extreme environments.

Place it outdoor, indoor or adjacent to an existing buidling

Our shipping container kitchens can be deployed indoor, outdoor or connected to an existing building.
Cooking area in a shipping container kitchen

a sustainable alternative

reduce your carbon emissions

Modular construction by its nature reduces construction waste by 70% and generates less carbon emissions

Reusable and relocatable

Our shipping container kitchens are reusable and relocatable at will.
Hotel kitchen


Discover ContekPro's 6-step process for a seamless deployment.
Shipping container bar


“This shipping container commercial kitchen is the manifestation of our dream. It definitely played a crucial part in our chain's expansion and success.”
Francesca D.


We aim to empower food service providers with a state-of-the art prefabricated kitchen
Shipping container kitchen - Ghost kitchen
 Shipping container kitchen food court


Find all information about our kitchens, installation, MEP, technical specifications and more...
 Fast food shipping container kitchen


clean commercial kitchen

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In the culinary world, supervision is the guardian of quality and safety, a critical aspect of commercial kitchen operations that transforms good practices into standard procedures. Learn more about the blueprint provided by the FDA Food Code 2022 about Supervision in a commercial kitchen.
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Water & Plumbing: Commercial Kitchens Confronting Water System Requirements

The FDA Food Code 2022 sets forth comprehensive guidelines for water systems in food service establishments, ensuring that all operators adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and sustainability. Read about our in-dept article to learn more.
Shipping container kitchen

Shipping container commercial kitchen video tour - ContekPro Precision series

Take a video tour in our ContekPro Precision shipping container commercial kitchen.


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