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  • Commercial grade material and kitchen equipment
Shipping container kitchen interior


We aim to empower food service providers with a state-of-the art prefabricated kitchen
Shipping container kitchen - Ghost kitchen
 Shipping container kitchen food court


“This shipping container commercial kitchen is the manifestation of our dream. It definitely played a crucial part in our chain's expansion and success.”
Francesca D.


Find all information about our products, installation, exterior finish options, technical specifications and more.
 Fast food shipping container kitchen


modular commercial kitchen

Modular Construction: Where Commercial Kitchen Design & Sustainability Meet

Learn why and how modular commercial kitchens can help reduce the construction industry's carbon emissions.
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Commercial kitchen design principles for efficient hotel food & beverage service

Learn the basic principles to design an efficient hotel or resort kitchen that make both customers and staff happier.
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Tips for Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Staying on top of your kitchen’s professional-grade equipment not only extends their performance but ultimately saves money on expensive repairs. Learn more about how to maintain commercial kitchen equipment.


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