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 Shipping container kitchen interior

About us

Who are we?
ContekPro is a leading US manufacturer of high quality sustainable factory-built modular kitchens for food service providers and hospitality businesses who look for an alternative to building a brick and mortar kitchen. Our modular kitchens save them money, time and a lot of hassle while being eco-friendly for the planet.
What is our vision?
Our company’s vision is to build the future of food service. We aim to leverage modularity and technology to revolutionize the way commercial kitchens are built.
What defines us?
Manufacturing technology: We use our own leading-edge software ecosystem and properiatary plugins and integrations to run operations and production. We utilize the latest technology to automate operations, quality control, and production schedules for maximum efficiency, high quality, cost and schedule predictability.

Elevated customer experience: We endeavor to offer prefabricated modular kitchens that make life simpler for you, from the design and ordering process, right through to delivery, installation, and support.

Modularity: We believe modular construction has huge benefits and even more potential going forward as it is more widely adopted and further developed.

Sustainability: We are responsible and environmentally conscious in every aspect of what we do. Our kitchens are designed to be durable, energy-efficient and low carbon footprint. Modular construction by its nature reduces waste by 70% and cuts inefficiencies.
Where are our shipping container kitchens manufactured?
Our shipping container kitchens are designed, engineered and manufactured in our factory located in Portland, Oregon. We pride ourselves on offering a product made in the USA and being part of the American modular construction industry.
 Shipping container kitchen interior


What is a modular prefabricated kitchen?
A modular kitchen is a prefabricated kitchen manufactured off-site. It’s shipped pre-assembled and fully-equipped to the job site. It is an alternative to traditional brick and mortar construction. This construction method, saves end customers time, money and a lot of hassle while being a sustainable solution.
Why choose one of your standard models?
Our standard ContekPro models are pre-designed, and pre-engineered proven floor plans made by our in-house product team. Choosing one of our models saves you time, reduces design and engineering cost, and simplifies your customer experience, while benefiting from our long kitchen design, engineering and manufacturing experience.Whether you are a resort in the Caribbean or a ghost kitchen in San Francisco, we have a modular kitchen floor plan for you.
I have a commercial kitchen floor plan, can you manufacture it?
If you have a specific commercial kitchen floor plan, we will be more than happy to turn it into reality. Please note that any custom work may increase lead time and cost.
Are your modular prefabricated kitchens delivered 100% finished?
Our modular kitchens are delivered "95% finished:. They come fully-equipped, with all MEP pre-installed, and pre-inspected. As we’re restricted by height during transport, exhaust fans are shipped inside the module and are installed once delivered on top of the kitchen on-site.
What size options do you offer?
Our standard modular kitchens range from 320 SQFT to 1,280 SQFT. We can also manufacture custom modular kitchens that can go up to 6,400 SQFT.
Where can your shipping container kitchens be installed?
Our shipping container kitchens can be installed outdoor on a land or parking lot, indoor in a warehouse, or adjacent to an existing building.
What is the service capacity of your models?
Depending on the menu and type of food service, a 320 SQFT is ideal to serve 200-300 meals per day, a 640 SQFT is can  serve 500-700 meals per day, and a 960 SQFT model can serve 700-1,000 meals per day.
I’m in a remote location with no access to water or power. Do you offer an off-grid option?
Yes, we have off-grid  options. For water, we can provide a separate module with self-contained fresh water and waster water tanks than connects with the kitchen module. For power, our units can be connected to an electric generator. Our cooking equipment are by default natural-gas powered but we also offer liquid propane or electric options if necessary.
Is your prefabricated kitchen for temporary or permanent use?
Our prefabricated kitchen is designed, engineered and manufactured to be used as a permanent commercial kitchen. It is built for the long-term. It can also be used as a temporary or semi-permanent kitchens since it is transportable.
Is your modular kitchen mobile?
Yes, our modular kitchens are relocatable at will and can be transported on a flat-bed truck, by train, by boat or on a plane.
Do you offer support or auxiliary units?
Yes, in addition to our shipping container kitchens, we also manufacture modular speciality or support units such as restrooms, walk-in coolers, freezers, offices, and bars.
 Shipping container kitchen in a resort


Can I change the kitchen equipment of your standard models?
Yes, you can add, remove or replace any kitchen equipment in our standard models.
Can I use my own equipment?
Yes, if you’d like to use some of your equipment it is definitely possible. Our team will ask you to share the list of equipment during the design and engineering phase so we can plan the MEP for those equipment accordingly.
What are the power options for cooking equipment?
Our cooking equipment are by default natural gas but liquid propane and electrical are options we also offer.


Are your modular kitchens insulated?
Our units are all very well insulated and respect local building code to guarantee best comfort for kitchen staff and energy efficiency. Our modular kitchens are designed and engineered to resist extreme weather conditions. We have for instance units deployed in various extreme weather locations such as Alaska, the Caribbean or Sub-Saharian Africa.
What is the ceiling height?
The ceiling height is approximately 8FT.
 Shipping container kitchen interior


What exterior finish options are available?
Our modular kitchens are delivered with a corrugatted metal exterior finish. During the design phase, customers can specify their color of choice for the paint. Our units can be finished on-site with any type of cladding (metal, wood…) or vinyl wrap.


How does plumbing work in your prefabricated kitchens?
The unit is shipped pre-plumbed. The drains and the fresh water line stubs down from the bottom of the building. Drain lines are accessible from the outside of the building through a trench access point.
Can you include a grease trap in your modular kitchen?
It depends on the local code requirement. If code allows, it will be installed under the kitchen’s 3-compartment sink. Otherwise the customer is responsible for the installation of the grease trap.
 Shipping container kitchen interior


Are your modular kitchens equipped with an exhaust hood?
Our modular kitchens come equipped with an exhaust hood with fire-suppression installed covering all cooking equipment emitting heat and grease. Exhaust fans are provided by ContekPro and are shipped inside the module. Duct is provided by the client’s contractor. Exhaust fans and duct are installed by the client’s contractor once the kitchen is on-site.
Are you prefabricated kitchens equipped with AC and make-up air?
Yes, our prefabricated come with AC and make-up air system pre-installed.


Are you modular kitchens code-compliant?
Yes, all our modular kitchens are delivered respecting local building code. 100% of our customers had their local building code delivered. Housing and Urban Development sticker. Sticker, and signed sealed plans by licensed PE.
Do I need a local building permit for a temporary use?
It depends on the use length and your location. We recommend contacting your local building permit for more information.


How are your modular kitchens assembled on-site?
Our modular kitchens are shipped separately and assembled on-site using a crane. They’re linked side-by-side like “Legos”. Once connected, a water-proof seal is installed between each module.

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