Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn more about ContekPro and our shipping container kitchen products lines.

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General info

Why ContekPro?

ContekPro is one of the leading shipping container kitchen manufacturers in the USA. Our mission is to design and produce cutting-edge modular commercial kitchens that empower foodservice providers. Our products are a time-saver and convenient solution that offers the same efficiency and performance as a permanent commercial kitchen.

Our model is based on 3 components:

-Customer experience: we aim to offer a hassle-free customer experience by simplifying and streamlining the different design, engineering, ordering, delivery and install process of our products.

-Kitchen modules: our modular commercial kitchens are designed and engineered by our team of experts. ContekPro has developed a cutting-edge product that is a more convenient alternative to traditionally built brick and mortar kitchens. Our units are fast-delivered, easy to install, durable, energy efficient, and high quality. Our kitchens are off-site manufactured and assembled in our factory. In this controlled environment, we use the best manufacturing processes and production tools to produce fast

-ContekPro Manufacturing System: we use our proprietary manufacturing system and the latest construction technology to guarantee high quality, fast production and respect delivery schedule for our customers.

We have manufactured and delivered 100+ modular units. From wineries in California to beach resorts in the Caribbean or food chains in Texas, our ContekPro kitchens are used by the most demanding and perfectionist foodservice providers.

Where are your shipping container kitchens manufactured?

Our shipping container kitchens are designed, engineered and manufactured in our factory located in Portland, Oregon. We pride ourselves on offering a product made in the USA and being part of the American modular construction industry.


Why choose one of your ContekPro standard models?

Our standard shipping container kitchen models aim to save you design time, simplify your customer experience and make you benefit from the experience of our product and design team.

Our standard container kitchen layout are designed by our experienced ContekPro design team. We have developed two product lines: Precision and Bolt. Each product line addresses the needs and expectations of a specific type of foodservice providers.

The proposed standard kitchen layouts and configurations are optimized designs to offer you the best efficiency and storage capacity while respecting safety, complying with code and guaranteeing comfort for the staff.

Whether you are a resort in the Caribbean or a ghost kitchen in San Francisco, we have a shipping container kitchen floor plan for you.

Can I change the kitchen appliances or equipment of your standard models?

Yes, you can add, remove or replace any kitchen appliance or piece of equipment.

Do you offer off-grid options for remote locations?

Yes, all our models are available as off-grid kitchens in case your land is located in a remote location. The container kitchen can be connected to a water tank and to an electric generator. Our cooking equipment are by default natural-gas powered but we offer liquid propane or electric options if necessary.

What exterior finish options do you offer?

Yes, our design team offers multiple beautiful exterior finish options: paint, wood cladding, metal cladding, and vinyl wrap.

What's the warranty for your kitchens?

We offer a 10-year structural warranty.

Do you offer any support units?

Yes, in addition to our shipping container kitchen, we also manufacture containerized speciality or support units such as restrooms, walk-in coolers, freezers, offices, and bars. Ask our sales team for our different standard models.


What foundations and site preparation are required to install my shipping container kitchen?

It's important to keep your kitchen level in order to avoid plumbing problems. If your shipping container kitchen is for permanent use, the easiest and most affordable option is using concrete columns or piers. Please consult with your local general contractor.


Are you shipping container kitchens built to code?

Yes, all our shipping container kitchens are state-approved. For your local building permit, we provide all the required engineering plans and documents to apply for it.

Shipping and delivery

Where do you ship your shipping container kitchen?

Our shipping container kitchens can be shipped and delivered anywhere in the USA and in the world. Please connect with our sales team for more details.


How do I maintain my shipping container kitchen?

Over years of use, smalls patches of rust may appear on the exterior. The only time rust may become more than a cosmetic issue is if it sits untreated for many years. Once a year, do a full exterior inspection. If you find rust, particularly on the roof, proactively sand off the patch, paint it with a rust inhibitor, and then coat it with the original color.

How long can I expect my shipping container kitchen to last?

Your container kitchen should last for decades (and perhaps indefinitely with proper maintenance). Because shipping containers are made of corten steel, a material formulated to withstand long journeys at sea, they’re exceptionally resistant to harsh weather.

ContekPro also builds its container kitchens in the United States with high-quality materials. Between the steel exterior and high-quality interior finishes, your container kitchen should far outlast trailers made from wood and vinyl.