modular commercial kitchen installation


Sandwich preparation fridges in a  shipping container kitchen
  • The Discovery phase is an essential part of our process. It starts with a consultation where we discuss the project and analyze its scope in a discovery meeting with the client. Following the meeting, we provide a preliminary design and a first Rough Order of Magnitude estimate for the project.


shipping container kitchen
  • During this phase, the contract agreement is shared with the client encompassing the terms and conditions, along with the final quote and Scope of Work. Additionally, we share an approximate delivery date to ensure accurate project planning and management.

3-Design & planning

food court
  • The Design & Planning phase is where the major components of the project come to life. Our in-house team takes a hands-on approach and develops complete architectural drawings, including construction layouts and MEPs. The architectural and engineering package is then shared with the client.


 Shipping container kitchen interior
  • In the Permitting phase, ContekPro is responsible for obtaining state approval (if applicable_, ensuring compliance with state regulations. On the local level, it's the client's responsibility to engage with their local building permit department to understand and fulfill any requirements. Throughout this process, ContekPro is on hand to supply any necessary documents, and to answer any queries the building permit department or any local authority may have.


Manufacturing laborer
  • The Production phase is fundamental to our process as it encompasses several vital stages. Starting with procurement of required materials and equipment, we then transition into prefabrication where components are meticulously assembled. We then proceed to the core production step. Upon completion, each product undergoes a rigorous finishing process to maintain high-quality standards. Each unit is then subject to a comprehensive testing and quality check to ensure flawless functionality and adherence to our stringent quality benchmarks.

6-delivery & installation

modular commercial kitchen installation
  • In our Delivery & Installation phase, we ensure in collaboration with your General Contractor that the site is ready for installation. Once the necessary preparations are completed, the unit is shipped to the designated site. If applicable, a ContekPro crew is sent to provide on-site assistance during the installation, ensuring a smooth and efficient set-up. This meticulous process guarantees the accurate implementation of the project in its final stage.


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