Hotel kitchen

Our vision

The food service sector is growing and changing fast. Customers’ aspirations, demographic changes, online food delivery apps, labor shortage, automation, and robotization are transforming the way foodservice providers take orders, cook, serve, and deliver food.

Independent restaurant owners, food chains, hotels, and caterers strive everyday to innovate and find new ways to provide the best food experience while adapting to those new trends and challenges. Their creativity and magic happens in the most crucial part of their food business: the kitchen.
Sandwich preparation fridges in a  shipping container kitchen
 Shipping container kitchen in a food court
Kitchens are the most difficult part to build for a food business, especially if the food service provider opts for traditionnal brick and mortar construction. Lengthy build time, budget overruns, inconsistent quality, fragmented construction project stages, and low tech contractors make kitchen construction a painful customer experience and starting a food business an inaccessible dream for many. In addition to that, due to outdated methods of construction, brick and mortar kitchens generate a high carbon footprint and substantial construction waste, harming our planet and the future generations.
Together, let’s revolutionize the way kitchens are built and delivered.

Together, let’s build the future of food service.
ContekPro aims to provide an alternative to brick and mortar and revolutionize the way  professional kitchens are thought about, constructed, and delivered by leveraging modularity, technology and factory-building. We are proud to lead the industry forward and help more food businesses discover the unique benefits of modular prefabricated kitchens and be instrumental in reducing the impact of kitchen construction on the environment.

Our mission statement

Chef in a shipping container kitchen
  • As we see it, our role is to empower restaurateurs with the professional kitchen they need to hit the ground running and better share their creativity with more loyal patrons and passionate foodies. We strive to provide your dream commercial kitchen without the usual hassle and compromises you encounter with traditional construction. And inspire you to deliver unforgettable experiences to your customers consistently, sustainably, and repeatably.

What defines us?

Manufacturing tool

Elevated customer experience

We understand the complexities of running a food business. We endeavor to offer prefabricated modular kitchens that make life simpler for you, from the design and ordering process, right through to delivery, installation, and support. We save you time and hassle by providing a turnkey product with an exceptional and frictionless delivery experience.

We believe the future is modular

We believe modular construction has huge benefits and even more potential going forward as it is more widely adopted and further developed.

Our kitchens are designed with modularity in mind, made in our factory in the USA, and engineered in-house to the highest standards. Off-site manufacturing gives us full control to ensure consistency, accurate build time, and cost certainty.

Manufacturing technology

We use our own leading-edge software ecosystem and properiatary plugins and integrations to run operations and production. We utilize the latest technology to automate operations, quality control, and production schedules for maximum efficiency, high quality, cost and schedule predictability.

Sustainable into the future

We are responsible and environmentally conscious in every aspect of what we do. Our kitchens are designed to be durable, energy-efficient and low carbon footprint. Modular construction by its nature reduces waste by 70% and cuts inefficiencies.