Modular commercial kitchens for quick service restaurants

  • Turnkey modular kitchen
  • Fast-delivery
  • Built to code
  • Best-in-class material and equipment
 Burger shipping container kitchen indoor


Bolt 640-BY

40' x 16'
Square feet
640 SQFT
  • Casual food
  • Fast-food
  • Quick service restaurant
commercial kitchen floor plan


1- Fryer
2- Fryer dump station
3- Griddle
5- Double deck convection oven
6- Toaster conveyor


7- Exhaust hood with fire-suppression system
8- Wall-mounted AC


9- Chef base refrigerator
11- Reach-in refrigerator
12- Reach-in freezer
13- Salad prep fridge
14- Worktop refrigerator
15- Keg cooler
16- Soda machine

Preparation and storage

17- Stainless steel worktable


18- Handwash shink
19- 3-comp sink
20- Mop sink cabinet
21- Grease trap


22- Serving window
23- Door

Bolt 960-BY

40' x 24'
Square feet
960 SQFT
  • Casual food
  • Fast-food
  • Quick service restaurant
commercial kitchen floor plan


1- Fryer
2- Fryer dump station
3- Griddle
4- Double deck convection oven
5- Toaster conveyor


6- Exhaust hood with fire-suppression system
7- Wall-mounted AC


8- Reach-in refrigerator
9- Reach-in freezer
10- Chef base refrigerator
11- Salad prep fridge
12- Walk-in cooler
13- Walk-in freezer
14- Keg cooler
15- Soda machine

Preparation and storage

16- Stainless steel worktable
17- Dry storage


18- Handwash shink
19- Mop sink cabinet
20- 3-comp sink
21- Grease trap


22- Door
23- Serving window

Key features

Turnkey modular commercial kitchen

Our kitchens are made from ISO, factory-built and shipped 95% finished, with pre-installed kitchen equipment and HVAC so you can start operations from day one

Pre-engineered proven floor plans

From 320 SQFT to +3,000 SQFT, choose from proven kitchen floor plans pre-designed by our team of experts to offer best performance and efficieny
 Shipping container kitchen floor plan
interior shipping container kitchen

Built to stringent standards

Our shipping container kitchens are made with the highest-quality materials, and commercial-grade equipment to resist harsh work and extreme weather conditions; They are built to above and beyond IBC standards.

relocatable at will

Built to be portable, our kitchens are ideal for hard-to-reach locations. Our units are easily transported by truck, train, or ship, and can be lifted by crane or heavy-duty forklift
 Shipping container kitchen installation

hassle-free and fast installation

Light site-preparation and our Innovative single utility connection point make installation quick and easy whatever the context.
Modular commercial kitchen

eco-friendly commercial kitchen

Our modular kitchens are designed to offer best comfort in any weather conditions with thick wall, ceiling, and floor insulation, excellent ventilation, which makes them energy efficient.

LEasing, financing or purchasing?

Whether you need a temporary kitchen for a renovation or a permanent kitchen to expand we have a solution that suits your timeframe and budget.
interior modular bar


Find information about our kitchens, installation, exterior finish options, technical specifications and more.
Why choose one of your ContekPro standard models?
Our standard shipping container kitchen models aim to save you design time, simplify your customer experience and make you benefit from the experience of our product and design team.

Our standard container kitchen layout are designed by our experienced ContekPro design team. We have developed two product lines: Precision and Bolt. Each product line addresses the needs and expectations of a specific type of foodservice providers.

The proposed standard kitchen layouts and configurations are optimized designs to offer you the best efficiency and storage capacity while respecting safety, complying with code and guaranteeing comfort for the staff.

Whether you are a resort in the Caribbean or a ghost kitchen in San Francisco, we have a shipping container kitchen floor plan for you.
What exterior finish options do you offer?
Yes, our design team offers multiple beautiful exterior finish options: paint, wood cladding, metal cladding, and vinyl wrap.
Do you offer any support units?
Yes, in addition to our shipping container kitchen, we also manufacture containerized speciality or support units such as restrooms, walk-in coolers, freezers, offices, and bars. Ask our sales team for our different standard models.


"Our real estate firm built several food courts, but using shipping container kitchens was by far the fastest and most frictionless launch."
Rebecca W.
Operations Manager- Commercial real estate
Chef in a shipping container kitchen

case studies

 Fast food shipping container kitchen

Food court

The need

A real estate company wanted to turn a historical building into a modern food concept. They needed 4 modular commercial kitchens to be integrated to the existing building.

The solution

ContekPro provided 4 Bolt modular kitchens that were integrated to the historical building's structure.
 Shipping container kitchen food court

Ghost kitchen

crane lifting shipping container kitchen

The need

A ghost kitchen provider requested several individual kitchens to be deployed in a warehouse.

The solution

ContekPro supplied multiple individual kitchens installed indoor which helped the client scale his expansion.
Ghost kitchen in a  shipping container kitchen


Pizza robot in modular kitchen

Picnic Works™ and ContekPro Partner to Deliver the First Modular Automated Pizza Kitchen

ContekPro and Picnic work together to make foodservice more profitable by reimagining how commercial pizza kitchens are manufactured and run with robotic automation.
Hunger relief shipping container kitchen

Coronavirus: shipping container kitchens and hunger relief

Discover how shipping container kitchens can serve the food insecure in time of Coronavirus.
Resort shipping container kitchen

Why is a Shipping Container Kitchen a Better Choice for Hotels & Resorts

Discover why shipping container kitchens are a better choice for hotels and resorts.


Need help? We are here. Shipping container kitchens is all we do, and it’s who we are. We have a passion for modularity, quality commercial kitchens, and we work hard to help you be your best.
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