Shipping Container Bar: 9 reasons to buy one

January 8, 2023
shipping container bar

Shipping containers have become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons over the past few years. From providing shelter to the homeless to providing affordable housing, the uses for shipping containers are nearly endless. Recently, shipping containers have been gaining popularity in the food service and hospitality industry. The benefits of using a shipping container bar are numerous. Here are the 9 reasons why food service providers should consider buying a shipping container bar:

1-Speed to market

To begin with, shipping container bars are an ideal solution for restaurants or bars that lack time. Building a brick and mortar bar can take several months, deploying a shipping container bar is a matter of weeks. ContekPro is able to supply a unit in less than 6 weeks.

shipping container bar


Compared to building a brick and mortar bar, purchasing a shipping container bar can be a very cost-efficient solution. You can expect up to 20% savings. Our models start from $42,000.

3-Hassle-free launch

Building a brick and stick bar can be a very painful construction experience that involves dozens of contractors: general contractors, bar equipment, designer… Additionally, traditionally construction is notorious for errors and delays. Opting for shipping container bar is choosing a turney ready-to use prefabricated building that is delivered with MEPs and bar equipment pre-installed.

shipping container bar interior

4-Develop a new revenue stream

Installing a shipping container bar can  can provide a restaurant or a event venue with an additional source of income. These businesses can either operate themselves the bar by selling drinks or renting out the bar.

5-Limited space

For those looking to open a business in a location with limited space. Shipping container bars have a small footprint and can easily fit in a small space.  ContekPro provides units as small as 80 sqft. Check our floor plans here.

small shipping container bar

6-Unique customer experience

Shipping containers also offer food service businesses the opportunity to create a unique experience for their customers. With the right design, a shipping container bar can be a great and original way to stand out from the competition and attract customers.

7-Remote location

Additionally, shipping containers are  easy to transport, making them a great option for remote or harsh to reach locations like mountains and deserts. Furthermore, shipping containers are also great for businesses that need to move frequently.

shipping container bar bahamas


Finally, shipping container bars are also beneficial for the environment. By using a shipping container bar, entrepreneurs can reduce their carbon footprint and help to reduce the amount of construction waste in landfills. Additionally, those units are reusable and recyclable which makes them an even better eco-friendly alternative to building.

shipping container bar

Discover our shipping container bar floor plans

If you’re concerned by one the reasons above and wish you purchase a shipping container bar, check one of our pre-designed models starting from $42,000.

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