Fast-food shipping container kitchen design

Fast-food shipping container kitchen design

About Fast-Food Shipping Container Kitchen Design

Over the past decade, we’ve seen food trucks take the fast-food industry by storm. As rents went up, particularly in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, it made sense to put the fast-food business on wheels. Food trucks taught us that small spaces can serve gourmet food with speed, convenience, and style. But what if your fast-food business is looking to capitalize on the low-costs and style of food trucks, but you don’t plan to relocate nearly as frequently? Perhaps you’ve got your eye on a small undeveloped lot, but you don’t have time to create a stick-built restaurant from the foundation up. If this sounds like your business, a shipping container kitchen may be a perfect fit. Here’s what you need to know.

Who’s already using shipping container kitchens for fast-food?

Everyone from first-time restauranteurs to industry veterans are using container kitchens. For example, breweries, wineries, and bars are adding container kitchens to their parking lots and warehouses so their guests can grab a bite to eat between drinks. Other small businesses are dramatically cutting their start-up costs by placing container kitchens on empty lots with outdoor seating.

Fast-food businesses that need their restaurants on location for a few months at a time are also adopting shipping container kitchens. For example, you can load the container kitchen onto a truck or tow it on a chassis once it’s time to move onto the next music festival.

Shipping container kitchen

Is there enough space for my employees in a shipping container kitchen?

No one wants to work in a sardine can, especially if they’re cooking with hot oil and boiling water. Based on the guidance on industry experts, ContekPro has developed customer-tested layouts that ensure your employees have room to pass each other freely and safely.

For example, the galley style layout of the40-foot Bolt Series kitchen container arranges five stations lengthwise across the container. We’ve strategically ordered these stations to keep food and dishes flowing naturally from one end of the kitchen to the other. With a container kitchen you have space for:

Food prep

Stainless steel work surfaces have plenty of elbow room for chopping vegetables and other food prep.


You can plan your menu assuming you have the same amenities as a commercial kitchen. Everything from burgers to crème brulee is possible. You can start with one of our designs like Bolt Series kitchen or request an arrangement specific to your needs.

It’s easy to configure a kitchen that includes fast food staples like:

·      griddles.

·      deep fryers.

·      convection ovens. (Double decker ovens, too!)

·      gas powered range tops.


Refrigeration and storage

Along with traditional double door refrigerators and freezers, counter-height refrigerators double as work spaces.Thoughtful design makes every inch count!


Add service windows and counter space for fast ordering and pick up.


You can keep up with the dishes with the deep 3-compartment sink.  As per healt hand safety standards, you can also include a hand washing-specific sink for employees. All sinks have hot water.

H2:How quickly can I get a container kitchen up and running?

ContekPro’s lead time is usually around 4-8weeks. During that time, you can prepare the site. The amount of site prep you need to do will depend on the configuration of your utilities and how long you plan to have your container at that site. By default, the Bolt Series’ has one a single-utility connection point. Its appliances are gas-powered. The rest of the container uses electricity.

Short Term Site Prep

For short term use, say at a music festival, it’s possible to connect the container to water tanks and a generator.

Long Term Site Prep

If you’re envisioning a long-term placement for a fast-food stand, say at a brewery or winery, it’s worth spending more time on-site prep. We recommend creating concrete columns that will ensure the container stays level in the long term. The columns also create additional ground clearance that will make it easier for you strategically place and conceal utility lines. Ideally, your kitchen container connects directly to municipal power, water, and sewage lines, but the pipes and cabling will be out sight.

Once you’ve determined the best place for your container and prepared the site, you can place and connect the container kitchen within one day.

How many people a day can a container kitchen serve?

A 20-foot container can serve around 300 people a day. A 40-foot container can serve around 500 people a day.

Burger restaurant

Are shipping container kitchen layouts up to code?

You can expect a container kitchen to include all the safety features of a brick and mortar kitchen. Fire-suppression systems, proper ventilation, lighting, and sanitary surfaces come standard in allour kitchen designs. If you need a unique feature, ContekPro will work with youto incorporate it.

What are my options for branding?

We can paint kitchen containers in your company’s colors and apply vinyl wrap for more complex designs like logos. Exterior wood and metal cladding are also an option if you want to create a chic look that fits the local architecture.

How long can I expect a shipping container to last?

Your container kitchen should last for decades (and perhaps indefinitely with proper maintenance). Because shipping containers are made of corten steel, a material formulated to withstand long journeys at sea, they’re exceptionally resistant to harsh weather.

ContekPro also builds its container kitchens in the United States with high-quality materials. Between the steel exterior and high-quality interior finishes, your container kitchen should far outlast trailers made from wood and vinyl.

What kind of maintenance and upkeep can I expect?

Over years of use, smalls patches of rust may appear on the exterior. The only time rust may become more than a cosmetic issue is if it sits untreated for many years. Once a year, do a full exterior inspection. If you find rust, particularly on the roof, proactively sand off the patch, paint it with a rust inhibitor, and then coat it with the original color. Easy!

Where can I get the specs ContekPro’s shipping container kitchens?

You can request the full specs and a detailed layout for The Bolt Series Kitchen here. We’re also always happy to answer your questions and provide a no-obligation quote.

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