How Shipping Container Kitchens Help Hotels Seize New Opportunities

How Shipping Container Kitchens Help Hotels Seize New Opportunities

As the world begins to recover from a year of uncertainty, the hotel industry is preparing for a big comeback. According to PwC, by 2022, this sector is forecasted to rebound financially to around 85% of pre-pandemic levels as demand increases and businesses recoup losses from 2020. 

More consumers are turning towards delivery and takeout as an alternative to traditional restaurants. This trend creates an opening for hotels to exceed guest's expectations and use their commercial kitchens to provide a premium dining experience

And the benefits shipping container kitchens bring to hotels will play an important role in expanding their services to jump on this opportunity.

Ramping Up for a Resurgence

Hotels are cautiously preparing for an increase in business and leisure travel throughout 2021 and beyond. With consumers itching to make up for a year of staying indoors, over 40% will look to restaurants, hotels, and resorts for a much-needed change of scenery. 

The American Hotel and Lodging Association predicted small and medium-sized events to resume on a larger scale starting in Q2 of 2021. For hotels hosting these events, modular commercial kitchens serve as a cost-effective way to scale their catering and dining services. 

Additionally, as in-person national and international conferences slowly start again, scalability will become an important determiner for event organizers searching for suitable locations.
As more people begin to travel for long-distance meetings and events, hotels need to be equipped to meet this wave of pent-up demand and a surge in consumer spending. 

Room service hotel

New Business Opportunities for Hotels

As we enter a new era in food and beverage (F&B) services, hotels want new ways to delight guests. The report, "Checking in For F&B," evaluated people's preferences for hotel restaurants and bars. They found that hotels offering various dining options were considered more impressive and memorable than those without. 

It was also a deciding factor in whether guests chose to book with the same property for a return visit.    

Hoteliers can take advantage of this by using shipping container kitchens modular containers to maximize their current and future culinary spaces to give patrons a unique experience. 

A Solution for Hotels & Motels Without Kitchens

On-site F&B facilities are responsible for over 25% of total hotel revenue with a CAGR of 2-3% per year. Unfortunately, smaller hotels not offering room service are missing out on this important revenue stream. 

Shipping container kitchens offer a flexible option for properties wanting to expand their foodservice offerings. They can be easily transported and placed in hotel or motel parking lots with minimal interruption to business. 

Resort hotel

Join a Growing Network of Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens are giving hotels a different way to make delivery and takeout services more profitable. The international hospitality conglomerate, Accor, has already embarked on a strategic partnership with SBE and Simon to launch a web of ghost kitchens

And with over 40% of hotel owners and independents planning to increase their F&B square footage, modular commercial kitchens are a convenient and economical alternative to brick-and-mortar construction. They can be installed, full-equipped on hotel grounds, and immediately leased out to restaurant operators. 

Give Guests a More Diverse Menu

Many hotels and resorts want to create diverse menus to handle growing demands for personalized food and beverage choices. But they're often deterred by the level of effort and cost involved with traditional construction. 

A unique fix for this is implementing shipping container kitchens  containers to extend an existing kitchen or quickly create an entirely new specialty restaurant on-site. Chefs and staff can execute new menus in commercial units built for professional performance. 

Create an Outdoor Dining Experience for Large Crowds

For hotels and resorts located in remote locations, many have opted to create outdoor food courts and artisan food halls to take guests on a culinary journey. One of the biggest benefits shipping container kitchens offers is scalability. They can be combined with other modular units to create a collection of quick-service or fast casual restaurants.

Food court

Offer Wine-lovers an Exclusive Tasting Room

From Napa Valley to Bordeaux, tasting rooms have become a staple for wineries and hotels seeking to give guests an adventure in taste. Shipping container kitchen  are a versatile and practical option for this use. Plus, the costs associated with these units are up to 20% less than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. 

Train the Next Generation of Culinary Enthusiasts & Professionals

Culinary tourism is rising as the market is set to reach $1.7 billion by 2027, with cooking classes expected to constitute the lion's share of this. When paired with the increasing number of people entering the culinary profession, these growing segments will need efficient, quality kitchens. Shipping container kitchensModular units are well insulated and ventilated, so novice and professional students can hone their skills in a comfortable environment. 

Plug and Cook Solution for Hotel Kitchens

As the hotel industry becomes more progressive in the future, they'll need to find partners who understand their business needs. But more importantly, how to adapt the solution to their hotel brand's footprint. 

When creating or updating a hotel's culinary concept, it's helpful to explore some of the advantages shipping container kitchens offer over traditional construction.

Shipping container kitchen interior

Accelerated Timelines and Project Schedule Certainty

Conventional kitchen construction takes, on average, a year to complete. For hotels ready to launch a new concept, time is of the essence. Luckily, the timeframe for modular commercial kitchen fabrication cuts this process down to a few weeks. Design and manufacturing are streamlined, combining technology with standardized manufacturing techniques to maximize efficiency while respecting project schedules. 

Flexible Solutions that Integrate into New or Existing Buildings

Another advantage to shipping container kitchens is their ability to accommodate any concept or location, including remote sites. Hotels can use them to expand on their current interior structure. Or, if the idea is to give patrons a unique experience and environment, these units can serve as a separate building for an outdoor lounge or restaurant.

These durable units can withstand extreme climates and fast-paced settings. Plus, each modular unit uses the same materials and equipment found in a brick-and-mortar kitchen without sacrificing quality. 

shipping container kitchen food court

Turnkey Kitchen for a Hassle-free Deployment

Since the planning stage for the entire modular unit occurs early on, every aspect is considered: the menu, cooking capacity, flow of staff, etc. This attention to detail leaves you with a pre-assembled, fully equipped commercial kitchen complete with everything your team needs to get up and running with a negligible impact on guests or services. 

A Modern Exterior Design that Blends into Your Space

From boutique hotels to multinational brands, each seeks to maintain consistency throughout their image. Whether it's an indoor or outdoor installation, there are a host of finishes, which integrate flawlessly with your hotel's architecture and design. 

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Planning to Build or Extend Your Hotel's Kitchen?

ContekPro's Precision Series offers a wide range of modular kitchen layouts made for hospitality and culinary professionals. Smart design, efficient engineering, high end kitchen appliances, and seamless installation explain why this product line is the right solution for your hotel or resort. 

Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable specialists who will gather information about your needs and provide you with an estimate.

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