Modular Commercial Kitchen

How Factory-Built Modular Kitchens help hospitality & food service sectors adapt to Post-Pandemic Construction Challenges

Covid-19 reshaped the construction landscape. Discover how factory-built modular kitchen can help hospitality and food service sectors adapt to the post-pandemic construction era.
Commercial kitchen equipment

Tips for Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Staying on top of your kitchen’s professional-grade equipment not only extends their performance but ultimately saves money on expensive repairs. Learn more about how to maintain commercial kitchen equipment.
shipping container kitchen installation

VIDEO - Shipping container kitchen installation

Discover in this video the off-loading of a modular catering kitchen comprised of two linked 40FT ISO shipping containers.
Shipping container kitchen interior

Commercial Kitchen Design: The 6 Design Principles You Should Know

Discover the 6 design principles you should know for your commercial kitchen.
Hunger relief shipping container kitchen

Coronavirus: shipping container kitchens and hunger relief

Discover how shipping container kitchens can serve the food insecure in time of Coronavirus.
Drive-thru shipping container kitchen

Why QSRs are turning to shipping container drive-thrus

Drive-thrus are thriving during the Pandemic. Shipping container kitchens can help QSRs pivot.