hotel kitchen interior

Guide: How to design an efficient hotel kitchen

Designing an efficient hotel kitchen is a complex process. Learn in this guide the different steps to design a functional hotel kitchen.
Prefabricated modular kitchen

The 5 Main Commercial Kitchen Layouts

A commercial kitchen layout is an essential factor to consider when designing or remodeling a kitchen. Learn in this article about the 5 main commercial kitchen layouts, their pros and cons and best use cases.
commercial kitchen interior

Commercial Kitchen Design: 7 Tips for Maximizing Efficiency

Designing a commercial kitchen can be a challenging task. With the right design and equipment, a commercial kitchen can become more efficient, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity and profit.
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Commercial Kitchen Design: The 6 Design Principles You Should Know

Discover the 6 design principles you should know for your commercial kitchen.
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Why QSRs are turning to shipping container drive-thrus

Drive-thrus are thriving during the Pandemic. Shipping container kitchens can help QSRs pivot.
Shipping container kitchen interior

Mobile kitchen: Top 5 usage situations

Discover the top 5 situations where using a mobile kitchen makes sense.