Shipping Container Bar: 5 Food Businesses that Should Consider Having One

January 13, 2023
shipping container bar

Shipping container bars are becoming increasingly popular among food service providers and hospitality businesses. This type of bar offers a variety of benefits, including portability, cost-effectiveness, and an aesthetically pleasing design. For each type of food business, a shipping container bar can be a great way to expand their services and increase their revenue. You can learn more about the 9 reasons a food business should have a shipping container bar in this guide. In this article, we’ll tell you what are the 5 food businesses that should consider having a shipping container bar and what outcomes they can expect from it.


Restaurants can benefit from having a shipping container bar. It offers a great way to provide a more intimate dining experience. It can be used to host special events, such as happy hours or private parties. The bar can be set up in a separate area from the restaurant, allowing guests to enjoy their drinks away from the main dining area. Additionally, a shipping container bar provides a unique and modern aesthetic that can help to draw in customers.

Hotels and lodging

For hotels and resorts, a shipping container bar can be used to provide an outdoor bar area for guests, allowing them to enjoy a drink while they soak up the sun. It can also be used to host events such as weddings or corporate functions. The bar can be easily set up in a designated area and can be moved around the hotel grounds as needed. Additionally, it can help to create a modern and inviting atmosphere and can be used to attract more guests to the hotel.

shipping container bar in a bahamas resort


A shipping container bar can allow catering companies to serve drinks at outdoor events and can be easily transported to any location. Flexibility and transportability are the top reasons for them to have a mobile bar.  It also offers a unique and eye-catching design that can draw attention to the catering business. Additionally, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a shipping container bar is much lower than that of a traditional bar, making it a cost-effective option.

Breweries and wineries

Many drinking establishments like breweries and wineries sometimes lack a bar to serve the drink they produce. A shipping container bar can be used for beer or wine tasting. Additionally, this could represent a new revenue stream for the business. Furthermore, It can be used to host corporate events or private parties. For this type of businesses, with usually limited resources,  building a brick and mortar bar can be expensive. One of the main advantages of a shipping container bar is cost. Our models start from $42,000 which makes them very accessible for most  breweries and wineries.

shipping container bar interioe

Event venues

Who wasn’t deterred from ordering a drink in a festival after seeing an endless queue in front of the bar? Beers and drinks are part of any event venue or festival package. Shipping container bars are small footprint, easy to install and relocate. Event venues can install at low cost several bars and spread them around their location to prevent those deterring long queues. This will mean a better customer experience and also more revenues.

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